It's time
to claim back
your time

Improve your photography workflow with Joruna's advanced machine learning tools: automated metadata edition and keywording of your photos is now a matter of seconds.

Your time is precious, it's time to claim it back!

Coming soon!

1 applications, 2 flavors!

Generate the keys files automatically
Import entry lists as PDFs, image or web page to be transformed into a reference keys files for the analysis engine.
Analyse & review your photos from Lightroom
From Lightroom, select the photos to be anaylsed and review the results in a friendly way.

A simple 3 steps process

1. Generate the keys file

The keys file will help Joruna to know what it must look for. An advanced computer vision system will automatically generate this file for you from an entry list, a web page...

2. Select your photos and analyse them

From Adobe Lightroom or via the standalone front end (coming soon), select the photos you want to be processed by Joruna and run the analysis.

3. Review... and profit!

Review the results in a user friendly way. Joruna will generate results suggestions in the case it hasn't found a definite result for a photo.

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Joruna can optimise a multitude of workflows. Here are a few examples...

The Sport Photographer

You know that feeling after a week-end shooting sports, when you need to sort those several thousands of photos? Use Joruna to detect the numbers on the players' jerseys, on the racing cars... to automatically identify and tag them properly with just a few clicks.

The Product Photographer

Properly identifying all the unique products you've shot today is already a time consumling taks, let's not even talk those photos featuring multiple products... Joruna will detect each product's identifier and tag them on each photo they appear in.

The Archivist

The moutains of documents representing our collective memory have value if they are properly identified and easy to find. Automatically extract the important metadata from those documents with Joruna to make them a breeze to be accessed.